‘A perpetual holiday is a good working definition of hell’

 ‘A perpetual holiday is a good working definition of hell’

                                        (George Bernard Shaw)

Ianuarie 2017

In my opinion, we all need some time alone. Everybody wants to just lie on the bed all day from time to time. For example, as a student I always have homework to do. Sometimes I feel exhausted and I start to tell everyone that I’m going to quit school. Of course I’m joking, but I do think that sometimes we just want to stop doing anything.

When we think about a perpetual holiday, our eyes start to shine. Only the thought of it makes us happy. But are we sure that a perpetual holiday is good for us? When we are on holiday, we like to party a lot and do things that we wouldn’t normally do. I don’t think it’s healthy for us to party every day and let our hair down. It’s nice to think that we can have no responsibilities, but our life would be boring if we just sat all day. We must go to school, get a job and be role models for the next generations.

So, even if it’s hard sometimes, we should never forget that life is made of beautiful moments and not so beautiful ones. We wouldn’t treasure the good times, if we didn’t have to pass through the bad ones. The most important thing is to keep a balance between work and fun.

Adriana Pădure, 11th grade, C. N. ”C.D. Loga”

prof. coordonator: Laura Măcineanu