Vienna – a place to explore

    Vienna – a place to explore

Ianuarie 2017

The first of December was always an important day for me. It’s one of my favorite days of the year because it’s Romania’s National Day. This year I celebrated it in another country, Austria. I went there with some students and teachers from my school and the atmosphere was amazing. We arrived in Wien around 8 PM, so it was dark outside and the Christmas lights were shinning really bright. We decided to go to a Christmas Fair right in the center of the big, old city.

For me, it was breathtaking to see so many people there and I was shocked to see Romanian people there too. It’s nice to be so far away from your country and hear your language being spoken around you. An emotional moment was when I heard the National Romanian Anthem being sang by a few young people. Everybody stopped and we listened to them and we even sang along.

I discovered a little part of Wien when I stayed there. Unfortunately, our trip was 4 days long and I’m sure that there are so many beautiful things that we haven’t discovered yet .I enjoyed going to the Zoo because it was enormous and the animals were interesting to see. I must confess that the polar bear was my favorite because I’ve never seen one before and it reminded me of a Coca-Cola commercial. I’ve taken many photos   there and I showed them to my family and friends and they told me that they wish they were there too. This trip was also educational for me because we also visited some museums and we saw how the royal families used to live. It was like a history class, but more real and enjoyable.

What can I say? Wien was a beautiful city and I’ll always remember it. I hope I’ll have the chance to see it again someday because it has so many presents to give.

Adriana Pădure, 11th grade, C. N. ”C.D. Loga”

prof. coordonator: Laura Măcineanu