C.N. “Traian Doda”

Short legend of Traian Doda High School

octombrie 2013
More than 3 decades of work and dreams have preceded the birth of our high school, having general Traian Doda as a founder.
In 1872, when Austro-Hungarians had the power there where in Caransebes a Romanian primary school, a German school with a medium level, a military school, the Teologic Institute and The Pedagogic course. That year, the Border Regiment number 13 was dissolved and so was the military school. Furthermore, the habsburgic autorities have promised the foundation of a national language school in Caransebes which was no doubt a Romanian language school for the residents. This decision was delayed under the pretext of lack of funds.
The general Traian Doda with other personalities of the time were intending to found the high school with the contribution of the villages in the neighborhood in the wealth twang from the ancient ‘Border Regiment’. The villages have responded positively to the request and then it was prepared a document ‘Memorium’ which was submitted to the Cultural and Instructional Minister from Budapest in 1882, and then modified in 1883 and 1885 with no answer. In 1895 the general Traian Doda died but his fight for the high school creation didn’t stop there. After 1904, the political leaders accepted the idea of a Hungarian high school foundation.
The government from Budapest agreed to the condition that the City Hall had to contribute financially at the foundation of the establishment. The city representatives also conditioned that in the future gymnasium the Romanian language must be studied by all the students. Though, the Ministry of Public Instruction from Budapest will require that the Romanian language be taught among other subjects, not as a main study.
In September 1907 are opening the courses for the first state grad of the Secondary School from Cransebes with 127 students in 3 parallel classes, in which 99 were Romanians and 28 another nationalities. The new gymnasium worked at the beginning in the Elementary School building. The construction of the school started only in 1913, after the city Hall and the Community Wealth flowd the necessary funds for rising the building.
In 4th October 1914, the new building welcomed the students and teachers. During the war, the school was occupied several times by militaries.
The official opening of the building took place in 23 april 1918, when was unveiled the ‘Pro Patria’ monument, in memoriam of the war heroes, students and teachers from the school.
After the Great Union in 1918, the Romanian language became the official language starting with 1918-1919 school year and the high school received the name of the one who fought for its creation, the general Traian Doda.
Andreea Vladescu, XI th grade
Liceul Teoretic “Traian Doda”

Colegiul National Traian Doda Caransebes